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Since 1959, Associated Environmental Systems has been producing a varsity of environmental chambers and related equipment for many industries, including pharmaceutical, electronic, computer, and automotive manufacturers. Their environmental chambers produce the conditions needed for thorough product testing, research, and analysis, by controlling factors like temperature, humidity, pressure, and altitude.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs for Associated chambers and related equipment, as well as calibration, qualification, and cleaning services. Our talented technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency repairs, and we serve businesses throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana.

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Associated Chambers We Service

Associated Environmental Systems makes a wide selection of standard, pre-engineered environmental chambers, as will as custom designs that are built to order. At Environmental Chambers Service, we can help you keep the Associated chambers at your facility accurate and reliable with regular maintenance, calibration, and cleaning services. We work with a variety of Associated equipment, including:

Temperature Humidity Chambers

Designed to test materials at varying temperatures and humidity levels, Associated offers bench-top temperature humidity chambers in capacities that range from 1 to 8 cubic feet. For larger products and materials, they feature standalone models range that from 1 to 64 cubic feet in capacity, and they also offer walk-in chambers that aer up to 110 cubic feet in size. Custom models are also available.

Thermal Shock Chambers

For testing products under extreme conditions, Associated offers the SM series of thermal shock chambers that can rapidly cycle material between high and low temperatures. They are available with an optional ambient temperature phase, and they feature capacities from 2 to 8 cubic feet.

Salt Spray Chambers

Designed to test materials in a corrosive environment, the MX series salt spay chambers from Associated feature clear sides that allow easy monitoring of the testing process. The MX series is available with interior volumes that range from 4 to 32 cubic feet.

Liquid Cooled Ovens

Providing precise amounts of heat for applications like testing surface finishes or burning in electronics, the BD and BDE liquid-cooled ovens from Associated are available in sizes from 0.5 to 64 cubic feet. The BD series offers temperatures from -73 to 200 Celsius, while the BDE series can operate from -73 to 538 Celsius.

Custom Environmental Chambers

In addition to its standard models, Associated also offers custom environmental chambers that are manufactured to your specifications. The size can be customized to meet your needs, along with the capacity and type of heating and cooling systems. Available optional features include non-standard voltages, vibratory platforms, removable compressors, removable electric compartments, glove boxes, port windows, and carbon dioxide or nitrogen cooling boost systems.

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From simple maintenance and repairs, to complete calibrations and quality analysis, you can trust our team at Environmental Chambers Service to keep your Associated chambers in prime condition.

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