Service & Testing for Blue M Ovens in WI, IL, MI & IN

As a leading supplier of industrial and laboratory ovens, Blue M has become well-known for quality designs and engineering that make their products suitable for a range of applications, including ASTM testing, curing, annealing, drying, dimensional stabilization, battery testing, and more. Blue M ovens are used in many industries for everything from research and design to manufacturing and product testing.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we have extensive experience with industrial ovens, laboratory ovens, lab furnaces, test chambers, and more from Blue M. We offer complete troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance services to keep them operating efficiently and properly. We also offer calibration and qualification services to ensure that your Blue M ovens are producing accurate, reliable results. We serve commercial and industrial clients throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana, and we offer 24-hour emergency service to keep your most vital equipment running smoothly.

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Blue M Ovens We Service

Blue M offers a wide range of products for multiple applications and industries, from vacuum ovens and batch ovens to steady sate chambers and lab furnaces. With dozens of available configurations, Blue M has a product that can meet the needs of nearly any business that requires thermal-processing on an industrial scale. At Environmental Chambers Service, we offer complete troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, calibration, and qualification services for a variety of Blue M products, including:

Industrial Ovens

Blue M offers a wide selection of industrial ovens, including batch ovens, vacuum ovens, Class-100 clean room ovens, gravity ovens, stacked ovens, Class-A ovens, explosion-proof ovens, dying ovens, annealing ovens, and more. They are available in sizes that range from bench-top models and floor-standing cabinets units to large truck-in, room-sized models. They also offer conveyor ovens for batch processing, custom annealing ovens, top loading ovens, and beyond. Depending on the configuration and model, Blue M ovens offer temperatures from 10 to over 650 degrees Celsius, and they are available in sizes ranging from less than a cubic foot to over 500 cubic feet. At Environmental Chambers Service, we can repair, maintain, and calibrate Blue M ovens of all sizes and configurations.

Lab Ovens

Used for drying, sterilizing, annealing, and other processes, Blue M lab ovens are available in standard, mechanical convection, inert gas, and gravity versions. The 146 Series convection ovens are often used for epoxy curing, drying, ASTM testing, aging, and other processes. They are available in multiple sizes and configurations, from one to 24 cubic feet, with maximum temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius. The 146 Series inert gas oven creates a controlled environment that can be used for more sensitive applications like packaging electronics and other components that can be damage by exposure to oxygen. Gravity ovens eliminate fans for drying things like powders or other light materials that can easily be moved by fast airflow.

Steady State Test Chambers

Designed to maintain a stable temperature over a long period of time, steady state chambers offer controllable temperature and humidity levels for testing things like the stability of pharmaceutical products or foods. Blue M offers steady state chambers from 10 to 58 cubic feet in size, as well as walk-in models that are up to 800 cubic feet.

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