Cascade Refrigeration Systems in IL, WI, MI & Northwest IN

Cascade refrigeration systems use two or more separate refrigeration cycles to provide stable, efficient cooling down to -40, -80 or even -96 degrees Celsius, without the use of expensive, problematic liquid nitrogen systems.

In a typical two-stage cascade system, a common refrigerant like R404A, R407E, or ammonia is used in the high-temperature side to extract heat from the low-temperature side through a heat exchanger known as the cascade condenser. The low-temperature side features a separate compressor with a refrigerant like R23 or R32, which extracts heat from an environmental test chamber, freezer, or other equipment and passes it to the high-temperature side. The cascade condenser couples the evaporator of the high-temperature side to the condenser of the low-temperature side, efficiently transferring heat between the two independent systems.

With more components than a single-stage refrigeration system, cascade systems require diligent care and maintenance to remain operating properly and efficiently. At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide complete maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair services for cascade refrigeration systems, as will as calibration, testing, and quality analysis. We serve industrial, medical, manufacturing, and research facilities throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana.

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Cascade Refrigeration Maintenance

Cascade refrigeration systems are a significant investment and are often critical to the operations of medical, research, and industrial facilities. To protect that investment, proper care and maintenance is necessary on a regular basis, typically every six to twelve months, depending on the system and its operating conditions.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we can provide complete maintenance services as recommended by the system manufacturer. Our commercial refrigeration experts will conduct a full system inspection and perform all preventative maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, checking refrigerant pressures, verifying refrigerant levels, cleaning system fans, lubricating moving components, inspecting control systems, testing safety systems, and more.

Cascade Refrigeration Troubleshooting and Repair

Many facilities rely on cascade refrigeration systems for mission-critical applications, such as biological sample preservation, cryogenic storage, or environmental testing, and any system failures can cause downtime, loss of critical samples, or loss of revenue.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we recognize the value and importance of your cascade refrigeration system, and we will respond quickly to any problems you may have, from a loss of power or cooling performance, to refrigerant leaks, ice accumulation, control system malfunctions, or compressor failures. Our professionals will diagnose your system quickly and offer the best repair options for your needs and your budget.

Cascade Refrigeration Quality Analysis

For cascade refrigeration systems to work properly, they must adhere to certain performance specifications, including proper temperatures, refrigerant pressures, humidity, and more. Quality analysis ensures that your cascade refrigeration system is operation within those specifications and is properly calibrated according to the needs of your facility and application.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we can perform quality analysis testing on your cascade refrigeration system and related equipment to ensure it is operating properly and accurately.

Cascade Refrigeration Calibration

In many applications, temperatures, humidity levels, and other variables are critical to the role a cascade refrigeration system plays in your facility, whether it is sample storage, product testing, or freeze drying. At Environmental Chambers Service, we can accurately calibrate cascade refrigeration systems and related components, using the latest instruments and technology for precise adjustments and reliable results.

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