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Environmental Chambers Service & Repair in WI, IL, MI & IN

For many manufacturing, research, and industrial facilities, environmental chambers provide a way to test materials, samples, and components under controlled conditions. These can include high or low temperatures, sudden temperature changes, varying pressures, and exposure to various chemicals like salt spray, acids, or solvents. Environmental chambers can also produce the conditions necessary to initiate chemical reactions during the production of chemicals, medicines, or novel materials.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we calibrate, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair environmental chambers and related equipment, and we work with a variety of manufacturers to arrange installation services for our customers. We serve commercial and industrial clients throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Northwest Indiana, and our team can help you to ensure your environmental chambers function properly and produce accurate, repeatable results.

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Environmental Chambers

At Environmental Chambers Service, we service environmental chambers and other equipment from several manufacturers, and we can arrange for new environmental chamber installations. The common equipment that we work with includes:

  • Cascade refrigeration systems Cascade systems use two or more independent refrigeration cycles to cool in multiple stages, with the cooling output of the first system providing the input for the second. This results in stable, ultra low cooling down to -40, -80, or -96 degrees Celsius using common refrigerants and mechanical systems that are reliable and economical.
  • Ultra low temperature refrigeration systems These systems use techniques such as single compressor systems, cascade systems, and four-stage autocascade systems to reach temperatures of as low as -85 degrees Celsius. They are often used for freeze-drying, laboratory testing, and fuel production.
  • Industrial freezers Very low or ultra low temperature systems used for age hardening, biological sale storage, chemical storage, martensiting, or dimensional stabilization. These freezers can be small laboratory chambers, large units, or walk-in rooms.
  • Temperature humidity chambers These chambers allow precise control of temperature and humidity to simulate multiple environments. They are available in multiple sizes, from table-top units to walk-in models.
  • Incubators Designed to provide a warm environment, incubators are can be used to hatch eggs, culture bacteria, or perform other tasks where gentle heat is required.
  • Cincinnati Sub Zero systems A manufacturer of environmental chambers that provides temperature and humidity chambers, industrial freezers, and custom environmental chambers.
  • Thermotron systems – A leading manufacturer that provides temperature chambers, humidity chambers, and custom environmental chambers.

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Our Services

At Environmental Chambers Service, our team of professional mechanical technicians provides a variety of services for environmental chambers and industrial refrigeration systems, including:

  • Cleaning Comprehensive cleaning and sterilization that helps to ensure reliable test results and reduces cross-contamination
  • Maintenance Routine maintenance of chambers, doors, gaskets, seals, and refrigeration systems.
  • Troubleshooting Diagnosing the cause of system failures, inaccuracies, or improper test results.
  • Repairs Repairing environmental chambers, refrigeration systems, and related components.
  • Calibration Setting environmental chamber variables to industry standards to ensure reliable, accurate rest results.
  • Quality analysis Verifying the environmental chamber is operating within specifications and producing accurate, repeatable test results and data.

We offer troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance services 24-hours a day, helping to ensure your critical equipment will be returned to service quickly.

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Whether your company is a chemical manufacturing plant, a research facility, or a semiconductor manufacturer, you can count on our team at Environmental Chambers Service to help keep your environmental chambers and related components in prime condition.

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