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Based in Japan, with a division in North America, EPSEC is the world’s largest manufacturer of environmental test chambers. Since 1983, it has been producing a variety of temperature humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, industrial ovens, and more. It has a diverse line of products designed for applications that range from product testing and research to manufacturing.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide complete repair and maintenance services to keep the ESPEC chambers at your facility operating properly, as well as cleaning, calibration, and quality analysis to ensure they produce reliable, repeatable results. Our experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency repairs on critical systems, and we serve industrial and commercial clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana.

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ESPEC Chambers We Service

Whether your company manufactures pharmaceuticals, tests solar panels, or researches the effects of weather, EPSEC chambers provide the controlled environmental conditions you need to reach your desired results. At Environmental Chambers Service, we offer troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance for a variety of ESPEC chambers, including:

Temperature Humidity Chambers

From bench-top models to large walk-in and drive-in chambers, ESPEC produces temperature humidity chambers for numerous applications. Bench-top models feature capacities from 0.9 to four cubic feet, while the larger, stand-alone chambers are available in several series that range from eight cubic feet to 112. Walk-ins and drive-ins are in several standard sizes, as well as custom configurations, with either a solid design or an easily-assembled panelized design.

Thermal Shock Chambers

Designed to cycle materials from hot to cold temperatures, ESPEC thermal shock chambers are available in five different series, with capacities that range from one to 10 cubic feet. They also offer liquid thermal shock chambers and rapid cycling chambers.

AGREE Chambers

Combining adjustable vibration, temperature, and humidity, AGREE chambers offer more testing options than temperature humidity chambers and were originally designed to meet military specifications. They are available in standard sizes from 15 to 114 cubic feet, as well as custom designs.

Industrial Ovens

ESPEC standard industrial ovens are available in sizes from three to 25 cubic feet and feature temperatures of up to 700 Celsius. ESPEC also offers a variety of anaerobic ovens that can be filled with inert gases, rotating rack ovens, safety ovens for flammable materials, and Class 100 clean ovens that feature HEPA filters for sensitive electronics and components.

Custom Environmental Chambers

ESPEC offers custom chambers for specific applications, including HAST chambers for accelerated stress testing, salt and spray chambers for corrosion testing, dust chambers, and tensile test chambers. They also offer completely custom designs to meet the specific needs of a client.

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