Located just northwest of Chicago, Glenview features several large manufacturers, including companies that produce communications and electronics equipment, tools, foods, and more. For companies that use specialty mechanical systems like environmental chambers, industrial freezers, incubators, and industrial ovens, a qualified mechanical contractor is required to keep these systems in peak operating condition.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we can help. We serve commercial and industrial facilities throughout the Glenview area, providing quality environmental chambers services that include maintenance, calibration, repairs, and more. Our technicians have extensive experience with environmental chambers from all the leading manufacturers, and they are committed to providing your business with industry-leading service and support.

Our services for businesses in the Glenview area include:

Preventative Maintenance

Many system failures and performance problems with environmental chambers can be prevented through a meticulous routine maintenance schedule. At Environmental Chambers Service, we can help your Glenview business keep critical systems like temperature humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, incubators, and other environmental chambers operating accurately and reliably through our comprehensive maintenance services. We offer customized maintenance plans that are tailored to the needs of your equipment, and our services can help you save energy, minimize service calls, and extend equipment life.


To produce results that are accurate, reliable, and in compliance with industry regulations, environmental test chambers must be calibrated precisely. Our team at Environmental Chambers Service has the technical expertise to ensure that your equipment is calibrated to exacting standards, and if you have equipment that requires custom calibrations, we can work with your team to develop a plan that is appropriate for your needs. During a typical visit, our technicians will calibrate:

  • Chamber temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • Test chamber mapping
  • Controllers
  • Data loggers
  • Sensors and gauges
  • And more…

Contact us today for calibration services in Glenview.

Qualification & Quality Analysis for Environmental Chambers

If your environmental chambers are not installed and operating correctly, samples and test results may be compromised and your business may fall short of regulatory requirements. With our qualification and quality analysis services at Environmental Chambers Service, we can ensure that all your equipment is installed safely and properly and that it meets all regulatory, performance and operational specifications. We also offer requalification services as necessary, due to repairs or upgrades.

Call us today at 800-556-5984 for qualification and quality analysis services for your environmental chambers in the Glenview area!

24-Hour Environmental Test Chamber Repair in Glenview

System failures can happen at any time, and with today’s need for a 24-hour business cycle, you need a mechanical contractor that can respond when required. At Environmental Chambers Service, we offer 24-hour emergency repair services throughout the Glenview area, and our expert technicians can repair all brands and models of environmental chambers and associated equipment. We are committed to providing the most reliable, convenient services possible to our customers, and we are happy to help with all your environmental chamber needs.

For 24/7 environmental test chamber repair in Glenview, IL, call us at 800-556-5984 now!

Industries We Serve

At Environmental Chambers Service, we work with a variety of industries, including:

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Defense
  • Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • And more…

We serve businesses of all sizes throughout Glenview and the surrounding communities.

Why Choose Environmental Chambers Service?

When it comes to servicing your environmental chambers, you need a reliable and experienced company that understands the unique needs of your Glenview business. At Environmental Chambers Service, we believe we possess all of the qualities you need in a service professional, such as:

  • Experience. We are an affiliate of Reedy Industries, which originated around 1930 as a mechanical services company. Our trained technicians are all appropriately certified and credentialed professionals, capable of troubleshooting potential issues, explaining technical details, and recommending custom solutions to our clients.
  • Quality customer service. We make it our mission to put our customers first. To us, you’re not just a business, but a friend. We aim to create lasting relationships with each and every customer, so you can rely on quality service every time.
  • Efficiency. When your environmental chambers break down, it can take a toll on your business if they are not repaired quickly or correctly. We understand this, and aim to provide repair services quickly and correctly—the very first time!

Schedule Service for Your Glenview Environmental Chamber

From basic maintenance to extensive repairs, our team can help your Glenview business operate smoothly and efficiently with our comprehensive services for environmental chambers.

Contact us today at 800-556-5984 to schedule a consultation for your environmental chambers in Glenview!