Environmental Chamber Services for Industrial Customers in WI, IL, MI & IN

For many production processes, controlled conditions are required to initiate chemical reactions, harden materials, cure adhesives, and perform other operations. Additionally, product testing and development cycles may require exposing materials and components to varying temperatures, pressures, and humidity, as well as chemicals like salt spray, solvents, or acids.

Environmental chambers make creating such controlled conditions possible, with accurate, reliable results that can be calibrated to ensure the process can be repeated indefinitely without significant variation. To protect the accuracy of your equipment and ensure reliable production results, environmental chambers must be regularly cleaned, calibrated, and maintained.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we help our clients in the manufacturing and production industries keep their environmental chambers and related equipment in peak condition, with our comprehensive cleaning, calibration, maintenance, and repair services. We serve industrial facilities throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Northwest Indiana.

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Industrial Equipment We Service

At Environmental Chambers Service, our certified professionals can troubleshoot, maintain, and repair a variety of environmental chambers and related components for manufacturing and production facilities, including:

We can also arrange installations for our customers with our industrial equipment partners, such as Cincinnati Sub-Zero and Thermotron.

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Environmental Chambers Services for Industrial Facilities

Whether your facility produces chemicals, fuel, pharmaceuticals, composites, semiconductors, or other advanced products, our team at Environmental Chambers Service can keep your production process working efficiently with our complete environmental chambers services, which include:

  • Cleaning Cleaning and sterilizing environmental chambers, gaskets, seals, and other contact surfaces to ensure your production materials are not contaminated by outside materials.
  • Maintenance  Proactively cleaning, lubricating, and replacing components that may cause system failures and production delays, such as deteriorated seals, dirty filters, or leaking water lines.
  • Troubleshooting  Diagnosing the causes of production problems, data inaccuracies, or failed testing procedures, and locating malfunctioning components, such as compressors or system fans.
  • 24-hour repairs  Repairing or replacing components that cause system failures, such as damaged compressors, leaking refrigerant lines, or damaged control systems.
  • Calibration Ensuring your environmental chambers and related equipment are calibrated to meet industry standards, producing reliable, repeatable production results.
  • Qualification  Testing calibrated systems to ensure they provide accurate production results, tests, and data.

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day so that your company can avoid production delays and downtime with our fast, reliable repair services.

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Whether you need some simple maintenance or calibrations, or you have a major system failure, our team at Environmental Chambers Services can handle all the maintenance and repair needs for your environmental chambers and industrial refrigeration systems.

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