Environmental Chambers Services for Research Labs in IL, WI, MI & Northwest IN

For research labs, the quality, accuracy, and reliability of equipment such as environmental chambers, temperature and humidity chambers, incubators, and refrigeration systems is critical to daily operations. Without proper care, maintenance, and calibration of such equipment, test results or sample integrity could be compromised, leading to unnecessary expenses or losses, as well as extra work for lab personnel.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we offer maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, testing, calibration, and quality analysis for a variety of equipment commonly used in research labs, such as environmental chambers, cascade refrigeration systems, incubators, industrial freezers, and more. We work with industrial, medical, manufacturing, and research facilities throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana.

Whether you are testing products, storing biological samples, or engineering new composites, our team can help keep your lab equipment functioning properly. Contact Environmental Chambers Service today for more information!

Why Maintenance, Calibration, and Testing is Important

From testing new materials or products in an environmental chamber, to using ultra-low refrigeration systems for component testing, dimensional stabilization, or sample storage, the accuracy and reliability of the equipment is critical to the operations of a research lab.

If an environmental chamber is not calibrated properly, with the correct humidity levels, temperatures, and other conditions required for a test, the results could be inaccurate, leading to expensive errors, improper conclusions, or worse. Malfunctioning refrigeration systems could damage samples or skew the results of low-temperature tests.

Proper maintenance and calibration ensures that equipment like environmental chambers, cascade refrigeration systems, or industrial freezers operate properly and adhere to important specifications for testing or sample storage, and quality analysis verifies the integrity of critical systems for accurate, repeatable results.

Our Services for Research Labs

At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide numerous services for research labs and facilities, including:

  • Maintenance: From cleaning coils and checking refrigerant levels on refrigeration systems, to inspecting the seals, gaskets, and filters on environmental chambers, we can perform all the preventative maintenance for systems like temperature and humidity chambers, cascade refrigeration systems, incubators, and more.
  • Troubleshooting: When you have a problem with an environmental chamber, a refrigeration system, or other critical equipment, our experts can inspect your system and find the cause of the problem quickly and efficiently.
  • Repairs: Whether you have a failed compressor on an industrial freezer, a malfunctioning control system, or a leaking seal on an environmental chamber, our experts can offer cost-effective, reliable repairs.
  • Quality analysis: Our experts can test your lab equipment and determine if it meets the required performance criteria for your application, such as the proper storage temperatures for refrigeration systems or the proper humidity levels for environmental tests.
  • Calibration: If your equipment is not operating properly or is outside of the required specifications for your application, we can use the latest instruments and technology to calibrate your equipment, producing accurate and reliable results for testing and sample storage. Calibration options include temperature, humidity, controllers, data loggers, and more.

We service a variety of equipment, including Cincinnati Sub-Zero and Thermotron systems, and we have valuable partnerships with many leading manufacturers and installers.

Schedule Research Lab Services in IL, MI, WI, or IN

Whether you have a problem with your refrigeration system, or need calibration and testing services for an environmental chamber, our team at Environmental Chambers Service can provide cost-effective, reliable service for your most critical environmental testing and refrigeration equipment. We can help to ensure your test results are accurate, that you are complying with applicable regulations, and that your equipment is performing within specification.

For service at your research lab, contact Environmental Chambers Service today to schedule an apportionment!