Preventative Maintenance for Environmental Chambers in the Midwest

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At Environmental Chambers Service, we understand the importance of a well-functioning, dependable test chamber. Dependable equipment provides you with more reliable results, which is incredibly important in the manufacturing and research industry. Without it, your business would not operate as flawlessly, causing major setbacks, big delays, and possibly even resulting in missed revenue.

We are in the business of helping you to avoid excessive downtime with our routine and scheduled preventative maintenance agreements. To minimize downtime and improve the efficiency of your environmental chambers, we recommend annual maintenance at the very least—although some equipment can require more frequent service.

Our environmental chambers maintenance team has the experience and knowledge available to work on any type of environmental test chamber. Not to mention, our rapid response time and availability for any unexpected emergencies make us the most reliable environmental chamber service in the area.

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Environmental Chamber Maintenance & Inspection Checklist

In order to operate at optimal capacity and give you the most accurate results, many environmental chambers will require more than simply an annual checkup. To give you an idea of what systems need to be maintained, we’ve provided you with an easy checklist of what’s included in your chamber maintenance program:

  • Verification of operation
  • Complete check of refrigeration system
  • Check of humidity system (if equipped)
  • Testing temperature transition rates
  • Complete check of electrical systems
  • Check for leaks
  • Check of all gaskets and seals
  • Complete check of cosmetics
  • Repair of units needing repair
  • Complete itemized repair report
  • Final systems test

All environmental test chamber maintenance is completed by a certified technician.

Benefits of Environmental Chambers Maintenance

Why do environmental chambers need regular preventative maintenance? The answer lies in the name: This service helps to prevent a larger issue from developing within the chamber. By performing a check on all moving parts, your technician can verify that every part is working as it should and in turn, can perform any repairs or replacements as needed. Doing this check on an annual (or more frequent) basis ensures your chamber never goes too long without a thorough inspection and cleaning, boosting its overall efficacy and life span.

The last thing your business needs is your chamber failing in the middle of a test due to improper care and maintenance—schedule test chamber maintenance today!

Schedule Preventative Maintenance for Your Environmental Chambers in the Midwest

We specialize in environmental chamber services for industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, and research labs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana. Whatever the maintenance needs of your facility may be, Environmental Chambers Service is here to help. We have the skills and experience necessary to provide you with quality maintenance for your environmental chambers.

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