With several manufacturers of paper products, steel, and electronics, Neenah, Wisconsin has a thriving industrial sector. At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide industrial and commercial facilities throughout Neenah and the state of Wisconsin with the services they need for environmental test chambers, product testing chambers, and related systems.

We service all types of environmental chambers, and our experienced technicians have the skills to handle any problem you may encounter during the use of temperature humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, industrial ovens, industrial refrigeration systems, and more.

As a leading provider of environmental chambers services in the Neenah area, we strive to meet the unique needs of every business we work with. We offer complete repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting services for environmental chambers, as well as emergency service and custom solutions tailored to your business.

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Preventative Maintenance for Environmental Chambers

For reliable, efficient operation, environmental chambers require consistent maintenance at regular intervals. Our expert technicians will work with your business to develop a custom maintenance program that addresses the unique needs of each system. Our services offer the care your environmental chambers require to maintain optimal performance while keeping energy costs to a minimum, reducing service calls, and promoting a long service life with less downtime.

Environmental Chamber Calibration in Neenah

We understand the critical role that calibrations have in your regulated industry, which is why we use extremely precise calibration standards. We offer calibration for all makes and models of environmental test chambers in the Neenah area. Full service includes calibration of:

  • System temperature
  • System humidity
  • Test chamber mapping
  • Controllers
  • Limit controllers
  • Data loggers
  • And more!

If the environmental chambers at your Neenah business or research facility have specific calibration requirements, contact us and we can arrange a calibration plan specific to your unique needs.

Qualification & Quality Analysis for Environmental Chambers

Qualification of your environmental chambers and controlled temperature units—refrigerators, freezers, and stability chambers—ensures compliance with many regulations and assures the integrity of your stored materials. With our in-depth quality analysis, we can help you determine if your chamber is properly and safely installed, meets operational specifications, consistently meets performance specifications under dynamic conditions, and meets operational specifications while in use. We also offer requalification services if major changes have been made to your equipment.

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24-Hour Environmental Test Chamber Repair in Neenah

In the demanding conditions of an industrial or commercial environment, even the most rigorously maintained environmental chambers can and will eventually malfunction. With our available 24-hour emergency repair services, you can minimize the effects on your business when a critical failure does happen, or even prevent a breakdown if you notice the signs of a problem soon enough. Our technicians are highly experienced and equipped to handle almost any issue you may encounter, and we will respond quickly to keep downtime to a minimum. We provide cost-effective, reliable repair and troubleshooting services, and we are available anytime throughout Neenah and the surrounding areas.

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Industries We Service in the Neenah Area

Environmental chambers are used to create specific environments in which products, medications, and other elements can be tested to see what kind of setting they can thrive in. At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide quality chamber services to a number of industries in the Neenah area, including:

If your Neenah research lab needs help troubleshooting for your test chamber, contact us today!

Schedule Service for Your Environmental Test Chamber in Neenah

At Environmental Chambers Service, we are proud to provide the solutions your industrial or commercial facility requires to remain productive and efficient. Our environmental chamber services are available for businesses of all sizes and types. With our 24-hour availability and a wealth of experience, you can count on our team to ensure your environmental chambers are properly serviced, calibrated, and performing as expected.

To schedule environmental chambers services in Neenah or the surrounding areas of Wisconsin, call us today at 800-556-5984 or contact us online!