Our Environmental Chambers Services in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana & Wisconsin

At Environmental Chambers Service, we want to be regarded by our customers as the premier provider of environmental control and product testing chamber solutions in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. In order to accomplish this, we aim to provide outstanding service for every industry and every customer. Whatever service your environmental chambers require, Environmental Chambers Service has a solution for you!

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Comprehensive Chamber Services in the Midwest

With Environmental Chambers Service on your side, you can be confident that your environmental test chambers are working at optimal capacity. From emergency service to routine maintenance, we have the breadth of services and the experience to help solve any issues that come your way. Our full list of services includes:

Preventative Maintenance for Chambers

We offer a thorough preventative maintenance package to help protect your business. Environmental chambers and test equipment are an investment, and the best way to keep them working efficiently is to schedule regular maintenance and professional service. Not to mention, regular maintenance can minimize downtime, reduce energy bills, and keep your systems running easier for longer.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we take a specialized approach to maintenance. We know that no two units have the same needs, so we take time to assess each individual unit to determine what services will be most useful and effective to keep your chamber running smoothly.

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Chamber Calibration

We understand the critical role that calibrations have in your regulated industry, which is why we use extremely precise calibration standards. We offer calibration for all makes and models of environmental test chambers by testing specific test points, calibrating the full range, testing accuracy, and adjusting the chamber as needed based on these results. Full-service includes calibration of:

  • System temperature
  • System humidity
  • Controllers
  • Limit controllers
  • Data loggers
  • And more!

If your environmental chamber has specific calibration requirements, contact us and we can arrange a calibration plan specific to your unique needs.

Qualification & Quality Analysis for Environmental Chambers

Qualification of your environmental chambers and controlled-temperature units—refrigerators, freezers, and stability chambers—ensures compliance with many regulations and assures the integrity of your stored materials. With our in-depth quality analysis, we can help you determine if your chamber is properly and safely installed, meets operational specifications, consistently meets performance specifications under dynamic conditions, and meets operational specifications while in use. Our quality analyses range from installation to operational and performance.

We also offer requalification services if major changes have been made to your equipment. Contact us today to schedule environmental chamber quality analysis in the Midwest.

Environmental Chamber 24-Hour Repair & Troubleshooting

Sometimes your environmental chambers malfunction at the most inconvenient times. In order to keep the environmental chambers in your business or laboratory working efficiently, we are available for 24-hour repair service. At Environmental Chambers Service, we aim to make sure your needs are met promptly, professionally, and reliably, as well as within budget.

If you have an issue with your environmental chamber, we can also troubleshoot by helping trace and correct faults in your mechanical system.

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We specialize in environmental chamber services for industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, and research labs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwestern Indiana. Whatever the needs of your facility, we are here to help. Our comprehensive services are available whenever you need them, 24 hours a day.

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