Qualification & Quality Analysis for Environmental Chambers in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin & Indiana

Qualification of your environmental chambers and controlled temperature units—refrigerators, freezers, and stability chambers—ensures compliance with many regulations and ensures the integrity of your stored materials. With our in-depth quality analysis, we can help you determine if your chamber is properly and safely installed, meets operational specifications, consistently meets performance specifications under dynamic conditions, and meets operational specifications while in use.

If your environmental chamber in the Midwest is in need of qualification services, contact Environmental Chambers Service today. We are based in Kenosha and service the surrounding areas of Wisconsin, NW Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois.

During our qualification process, we perform three separate tests on your system, including:

Installation Quality Analysis

Installation quality analysis establishes that the chamber is properly and safely installed.

Operational Quality Analysis

Operational quality analysis verifies that the chamber consistently meets operational specifications such as alarms and controls, and operates as intended.

Performance Quality Analysis

Performance quality analysis verifies that the chamber consistently meets performance specifications under dynamic conditions.

Importance of Qualification for Your Environmental Chamber

Qualification, or quality analysis, is an important procedure that ensures your environmental chamber is operating correctly and providing accurate results for your testing purposes. As with most manufacturing plants and research facilities that use environmental chambers for testing products, your results are the livelihood of your business operations. If your results are consistently incorrect, then you may not even know the true effectiveness of the product you are testing. They may not be as functional or effective as you think—or they may be more functional than you think. Regardless, if your chambers are not qualified, you won’t know the difference.

As a cost-saving measure, we recommend and implement essential modifications to bring your chamber into compliance with current good manufacturing practices and other typical guidelines. Over time, nearly all chambers will require tuning to maintain optimal performance—get a head start on yours by scheduling qualification now!

Schedule Qualification & Quality Analysis in IL, MI, WI, or IN

We understand that your equipment being out of operation or down for quality testing can negatively impact your production schedules and capacity. We will supply enough technicians and equipment to complete the project within your specified timeframe. When you choose Environmental Chambers Service, you can enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that your critical equipment is qualified to the highest possible standard.

Keep your environmental chambers safe and effective—schedule your quality analysis in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Northwest Indiana today!