Calibrations, Maintenance, Quality Analysis & More in Rockford

With a long history of manufacturing, Rockford, Illinois currently features facilities producing automobiles, aerospace components, foods, and other products. As part of the design, testing, and production process, many manufacturers use environmental chambers to generate the ideal environmental conditions for material testing and production.

Such systems require a qualified mechanical contractor to keep them operating properly and consistently, and at Environmental Chambers Service, our technicians have the skills and experience to provide complete maintenance, repair, calibration, and qualification services for environmental chambers from all leading manufacturers.

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Preventative Maintenance

Breakdowns, performance, and calibration problems can cost your business valuable time and money. At Environmental Chambers Service, we can keep your environmental chambers functioning properly and accurately with our comprehensive maintenance services. We offer maintenance programs that are tailored to the needs of your equipment, and our services can help you avoid breakdowns and failures, minimize energy costs, protect your investment, and prolong equipment life.

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Environmental Chamber Calibration in Rockford

For accurate, repeatable results, your environmental chambers must be calibrated correctly. At Environmental Chambers Service, we understand the need for accuracy and precision, and our technicians have the expertise required to perform and verify calibrations for all types of environmental chambers. We use precise calibration standards that ensure your equipment performs as required, and if you require custom calibrations, we can create a program that meets all your needs. Our services for Rockford businesses include calibration of:

  • Chamber temperature and humidity
  • Chamber pressure
  • Data loggers
  • Controllers
  • Limit controllers
  • Gauges
  • And more…

To discuss the needs of your equipment, contact our team today. Our expertise enables us to put together a calibration plan custom to whatever your individual chambers’ needs are, so we can help with whatever your chambers may need.

Qualification & Quality Analysis for Environmental Chambers

For your environmental chambers, industrial freezers, ovens, and other equipment to operate properly, they must meet certain performance metrics and regulatory requirements. At Environmental Chambers Service, our qualification and quality analysis services help to ensure your equipment is operating within specification, is installed safely, meets regulatory requirements, and performs as expected under all conditions. As part of our ongoing services, we can also requalify systems as they are recalibrated, upgraded, and repaired.

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24-Hour Environmental Test Chamber Repair in Rockford

Even with regular maintenance, environmental chambers can occasionally fail or perform irregularly. Whether it happens during business hours or after, you can count on Environmental Chambers Service for prompt, professional repairs at any time throughout the Rockford area. Our technicians’ extensive experience with all types of environmental chambers, and we can solve nearly any problem.

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Types of Industries We Serve

For many businesses, environmental chambers are vital to daily operations, from testing the durability of products and materials to determining the stability of medicines or performing critical experiments. Environmental chambers create the unique environmental conditions required to perform these duties, and our team at Environmental Chambers Service ensures that the equipment is up to the task. We work with multiple industries, including:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical companies
  • Research laboratories
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing and production facilities
  • And more…

You can count on our experienced personnel for all your environmental chamber needs, from routine maintenance and calibration to troubleshooting and repairs.

Why Choose Environmental Chambers Service?

Schedule Environmental Chamber Services in Rockford, IL

When it comes to servicing your environmental chambers, you need a reliable and experienced company that understands the unique needs of your Rockford business. At Environmental Chambers Service, we believe we possess all of the qualities you need in a service professional, such as:

  • Experience. We are an affiliate of Reedy Industries, which originated around 1930 as a mechanical services company. Our trained technicians are all appropriately certified and credentialed professionals, capable of troubleshooting potential issues, explaining technical details and recommending custom solutions to our clients.
  • Quality customer service. We make it our mission to put our customers first. To us, you’re not just a business, but a friend. We aim to create lasting relationships with each and every customer, so you can rely on quality service every time.
  • Efficiency. When your environmental chambers break down, it can take a toll on your business if they are not repaired quickly or correctly. We understand this, and aim to provide repair services quickly and correctly—the very first time!

When you need help with your environmental chambers and related equipment, contact Environmental Chambers Service for quality, reliable service anywhere in the Rockford area.

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