Tenney: Environmental Chambers

Established in 1932, Tenney is one of the leading manufacturers of environmental chambers in the United States, offering a variety of temperature chambers, temperature humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, and more. With models that range from bench-top units to floor-standing chambers and walk-in rooms, they offer solutions that can be implemented in nearly any industry, from research labs to industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we service all types of environmental chambers from Tenney, and our expert technicians can provide everything from troubleshooting and maintenance to complete repair, calibration, and qualification services. We also offer 24-hour emergency service for critical systems, and we serve industrial and commercial clients throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana.

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Types of Tenney Chambers We Service

At Environmental Chambers Service, our technicians can help you keep your Tenney environmental chambers in optimal condition for testing, research, and production. We offer a variety of services for test chambers, from simple maintenance like replacing door seals to extensive repairs and calibrations. Some of the Tenney products we service include:

Temperature Humidity Chambers

Tenney temperature humidity chambers, such as the C-EVO and Junior series, provide a way to conduct research, test materials, and manufacturer products at variable temperature and humidity levels. They are available in multiple sizes and configurations from bench-top models to reach-in and walk-in units, and they can operate at temperature ranges from -73 to 200 degrees Celsius. Our team can provide complete maintenance, repair, and calibration services for the full line of Tenney temperature humidity chambers.

Thermal Shock Chambers

Alternating quickly between extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures, Tenney thermal shock chambers, such as the WSP series, can put materials and samples through punishing temperature and humidly changes quickly, allowing materials to be tested for weaknesses, stabilizing their dimensions, and more. They operate from -70 to 200 degrees Celsius and are available in multiples sizes. With the extreme conditions that thermal shock chambers encounter, regular maintenance is critical. Our team at Environmental Chambers Service can keep your thermal shock chambers operating properly and accurately with our comprehensive maintenance services.

Vacuum Chambers

Simulating low-pressure, high altitude, or vacuum conditions, Tenney vacuum chambers, such as their altitude testing chambers, drying chambers, and space simulators, can test products and samples in extreme conditions, as well as test dangerous materials. They operate from -68 to 200 degrees Celsius and are available in multiple sizes and configurations. At Environmental Chambers Service, we can make sure your vacuum chambers are calibrated and maintained properly to ensure, reliable, accurate results.

Specialty Environmental Chambers

Tenney also offers numerous environmental chambers for specific purposes and industries, including space simulation chambers, food and drug stability chambers, and vacuum lab ovens. At Environmental Chambers Service, we service all types of specialty environmental chambers and can work with you to design a maintenance program that meets your needs.

Schedule Service for Tenney Environmental Chambers

For expert repairs, maintenance, and calibration of all your Tenney environmental chambers, trust our team at Environmental Chambers Service. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle all the service needs of your Tenney equipment, and we are available 24 hours a day for emergency service and repairs.

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