Thermotron®: Environmental Chambers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota & Indiana

Thermotron® is a premier worldwide manufacturer of high-performance environmental chambers offering a wide selection of quality chambers to a variety of industries. Many of the environmental chambers that we work on for our manufacturing and lab clients are built and installed by Thermotron®.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality Thermotron® chambers service from start to finish. From installation to preventative maintenance to an emergency repair, we are there for you. If your laboratory or manufacturing plant is installed with Thermotron® chambers, our technicians can service them. Our team is trained in a range of environmental chambers and has the experience necessary to offer you a number of services including repair, preventative maintenance, calibration, quality analysis, and more.

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Types of Thermotron® Environmental Chambers We Service

Thermotron® is a leading brand of environmental chambers in laboratories, research facilities, and manufacturing plants across the country. We offer preventative maintenance and other services to a number of Thermotron® environmental chambers, including:

Temperature Chamber

Thermotron® temperature chambers come in a variety of sizes and performance configurations. Our team is trained to service a number of these temperature chambers, offering services such as repair, calibration, quality analysis, and more!

Humidity Chamber

Thermotron® humidity chambers offer a wide range of standard and custom solutions for any testing program. Environmental testing with a humidity chamber helps improve product reliability and durability. Our team can repair, maintain, calibrate, and analyze Thermotron® humidity chambers in a number of styles, sizes, and performance configurations.

Specialty Environmental Chamber

Thermotron® manufacturers a variety of specialty environmental chambers to accommodate specific, unique, and custom types of testing. Some of these machines include refrigeration chambers, moisture chambers, and more. At Environmental Chambers Service, we offer repair, maintenance, and more for these Thermotron® chambers. Not sure if your chamber falls into this category? Contact us today and can determine if your chamber is one we can operate on.

Schedule Service for Your Thermotron® Environmental Chambers

With more than 50 years of experience, Thermotron® is a leader in manufacturing high-quality environmental test chambers. However, without regular maintenance and proper care when equipment breaks down, you may find yourself with a serious problem on your hands.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we offer quality, professional service—including repair, maintenance, calibration, and more—to ensure your Thermotron® Environmental Chambers are operating efficiently. Schedule regular service and be confinement that your environmental chambers are producing accurate results!

Our service area includes Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana.

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