Types of Environmental Chambers

In a manufacturing environment, whether it be a plant or a laboratory, it is critical that you locate flaws with your products before they reach the market. To do so, manufacturing companies and research laboratories test their products in environmental chambers. An environmental chamber allows you to see how the product reacts in different settings and determines its ability to withstand the elements. Test chambers can simulate nearly any type of environmental condition, including temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, solar, wind, rain, and more.

By testing your product in an environmental chamber, you can:

  • Reduce product development time and costs. If you only have to test one of your products in an environmental chamber, you can cut costs and determine issues with the product before developing an entire product line.
  • Increase consumer confidence. This gives consumers piece of mind, because they know that the product has successfully made it through many tests before being deemed safe to use.
  • Ensure product quality. If a product makes it through many environmental tests, you will know that it is indeed a quality product that is safe for consumer use.

However, to keep your environmental chambers in top shape and allow them to continue providing you with quality results, service is required. That’s where we step in. At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide laboratories, research facilities, and manufacturing plants in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana with repair, calibration, maintenance services and more. If you are in need of any of these preventative or repair services for your environmental chambers, contact us today!

Types of Environmental Chambers We Service

While we are not a provider of environmental chambers, we do offer maintenance and repair services for a number of environmental chambers. Common chambers we service include:

Temperature and Humidity Chambers

We service and repair a number of temperature and humidity chambers from top brands like, Cincinnati Sub-Zero and Thermotron. Environmental testing with a temperature and humidity chamber helps improve product reliability and durability by allowing you to test your product in extreme weather conditions. We can operate on temperature and humidity chambers in a variety of styles, sizes, and performance configurations.


Laboratory and manufacturing refrigerators are designed to protect valuable samples being tested. They are especially important for biological testing and ideal for storing vaccines, blood, and other temperature-sensitive items. In order to save your samples and protect the integrity of your testing, trust us for all of your maintenance and repair needs.

Ultra-Low Industrial Freezers

These freezers are primarily used for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, dimensional stabilization, epoxy storage, industrial cooling, heat treating and production chilling applications. We service industrial freezers from top brands, like Cincinnati Sub-Zero and other vendors. These environmental chambers are built for ultra-low temperature operation and, with proper care and maintenance, can last for years.


Ideal for drug stability studies, shelf life testing for packaged products, and insect and other large-scale biological research, incubators create a stable environment for controlled temperature storage. To trust that your incubator is successful, rely on us to provide you with quality maintenance and repair services.

If your chamber is not located on this list but you are located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Northwest Indiana, contact us today. We will go over the type of chamber in your business and determine if we can be of assistance to you!

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If you work with environmental chambers, then you know how important it is that they operate effectively. Preventative maintenance and fast repair is required to keep laboratory equipment and manufacturing processes efficient. Call Environmental Chambers Service today for more information on our services, or to see if we can work on your environmental chamber in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Northwest Indiana.