Weiss Technik: Environmental Chambers

Weiss Technik North America has been a leading manufacturer of environmental chambers and related equipment since 1979. Part of the Schunk Group based in Germany, they now offer a full line of environmental chambers that include temperature, humidity, vibration, altitude, thermal shock chambers, and more.

At Environmental Chambers Service, we offer complete maintenance, trouble shooting and repair services for Weiss Technik environmental chambers, as well as calibration and qualification services. Our expert technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency repairs on environmental chambers and related equipment. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwest Indiana.

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Types of Weiss Technik Environmental Chambers We Service

Weiss Technik offers environmental chambers for multiple industries, including manufacturing facilities, industrials plants, food producers, research labs, pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, and more. At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide comprehensive repair, maintenance, calibration, and qualification services for a number of Weiss Technik systems, including:

Environmental Stress Screening Chambers

Designed to test products in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions, the ESS, WTS, WT3 series can expose materials to accelerated heating and cooling cycles and varying humidity. They are available in multiple sizes, from small bench-top models to standalone and walk-in chambers. When you need maintenance and repairs for your Weiss Technik ESS chambers, trust our team at Environmental Chambers Services for fast, professional service.

Thermal Shock Chambers

Weiss Technik offers several types of thermal shock cambers, including the Galaxy, TS, and WTS series. Their standard thermal shock chambers offer two or three compartments to rapidly transition materials between hot and cold environments, or between hot, cold and ambient temperatures. Weiss Technik also offers liquid shock chambers, which transition materials between hot and cold baths of water or other liquids. Weiss Technik thermal shock chambers are available in multiple sizes and configurations, including custom options.

Salt Spray Chambers

Designed to subject materials to various weathering conditions like corrosion and salt exposure, the salt spray and weathering chambers from Weiss Technik are available in multiple sizes, from bench-top to walk-in models. At Environmental Chambers Service, we provide comprehensive maintenance, repair, and calibration services for Weiss Technik salt spray chambers, including the BSB series, the SC series, and more.

Industrial Ovens

From drying materials to researching the effects of extreme heat on products, industrial ovens from Weiss Technik can perform a variety of functions in research labs, manufacturing facilities, and other industries. They are available in multiple sizes, from small chest configurations to walk-in models, continuous ovens, and more. Some configurations can reach temperatures of up to 750 degrees Celsius for extreme applications.

Custom Environmental Chambers

Weiss Technik offers a variety of custom and specialty environmental chambers for specific purposes, including explosion-proof chambers, battery testing chambers, automotive testing chambers, clean rooms, radiation chambers, and many others. At Environmental Chambers Service, we can design a maintenance program to meet the unique needs of all your Weiss Technik custom environmental chambers.

Schedule Service for Weiss Technik Environmental Chambers

At Environmental Chambers Service, our expert technicians can handle all the maintenance and repair needs of your Weiss Technik environmental chambers, and with our 24-hour emergency service, we are available at any time for help with your most critical systems.

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